We deliver high quality Japanese health foods to the world.

Medicina Pharmaceutical specializes in the production of products that are of a particularly high quality, even for Japan, and exports many of those products to multiple countries globally. Our experience in manufacturing and reliable business results has earned us favorable evaluations from countries around the world.

Medicina Pharmaceutical is recognized and highly evaluated in the Japanese market.

Medicina Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical company delivering health foods to the world that have been produced using the high quality ingredients and sophisticated technologies of Japan. These products have been recognized on the Japanese market and we have built up a wealth of experience and proven results over a span of twenty years. The quality of the products is highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas. As one of the top level manufacturers of Japan, we have well-prepared systems that make it possible for us to respond to requests for anything from small lots to mass production. We quickly deliver original products to customers in various industries around the world, using an integrated system for all processes from product planning to design production, manufacturing, and export operations.

We create high quality products on a manufacturing line with strict standards.

The plant lines of Medicina Pharmaceutical meet the strict manufacturing standards of Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Furthermore, we are constantly pushing forward our research and development to be able to respond to diverse customer requests. We perform thorough quality control at all stages from the selection of raw ingredients to the exporting and delivery of the completed products. We pay particular attention to the ingredients to be included in the products and repeat strict selection processes to pursue quality in the place of production (with raw ingredients from within Japan), production methods, harvesting, and storage. We plan, develop, and manufacture high quality products.

Medicina Pharmaceutical is devoted to safe and reliable product manufacturing.

High reliability product manufacturing is the basic company philosophy.

Over the twenty-year history of the company, Medicina Pharmaceutical has sent many product brands out onto the market. Strength of the company is the research and development we perform in anticipation of the current and future demands placed on health foods regarding factors such as functionality, effectiveness, and marketability. We thoroughly pursue the satisfaction of the customers who use the products, in all aspects from the raw ingredients to the product packaging. We are proceeding with original product manufacturing that has value.

We support customers with a speedy system of manufacturing and evaluation.

Medicina Pharmaceutical supplies original products with stable high quality in a short period of time. In the proposal of prototype products, our in-house product evaluators participate in the evaluations at the same time as the customers. In our unique OEM system, we repeat proposals to customers until all the requirements are met and promise the quick and certain completion of a product. We also quickly export those completed products.

Our follow-up support after product completion is also perfect.

In operations to export products overseas, the documentation required varies depending on the country being exported to. However, we have been handling this export work for many years and customers can feel reassured about entrusting it to us. In addition, we provide guidance on the various application methods required to be able to sell products without concern, including regarding matters such as the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and trademarks. We also take responsibility for the notifications to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for manufacturing approval for products.

These are the strengths of Medicina Pharmaceutical OEM products.

Please consult Medicina Pharmaceutical if you are considering OEM business for the selling of products, if you are searching for products with particularly high quality or if you are looking for a new concept in health food.

Medicina Pharmaceutical can commercialize any type supplements product.

Medicina Pharmaceutical can manufacture all types of nutritional supplements, beauty supplements, and health supplements. The products we have sent out from Japan have been very favorably evaluated in various countries and are recognized by many loyal customers.

Complete Product Line

Nutritional supplements

●Anti-aging foods, special functional foods, various nutritional supplements

Beauty supplements

●Foods for beautiful skin and skin improvement, diet foods, various beauty supplements

Health supplements

●Single vitamin foods, nutrition supplement foods, various health supplements

Our follow-up support after OEM product completion is also perfect.

In order for our customers to feel reassured about selling the products, our specialist staff provide easy to understand guidance on the characteristics of the products and the correct knowledge regarding sales methods. Furthermore, in export operations, the documentation required such as selling permission varies depending on the country where the products are imported. However, we have been handling this export work for many years, so please feel reassured about entrusting it to us.

  • * Propose the plan of products, marketing and sales.
  • * Do package design, product education and sales guide.
  • * Offer all papers for exportation and applications for certificates.

Product consultant
Chief Manager Sayuri Yamaguchi

Safety manager
Chief Manager Rika Kashine

Perfect Follow-up

●Planning of OEM products – we work closely with customers on sales strategy, etc.

●We implement thorough product training, including guidance on product explanations and sales.

●Export operations for completed products and work to apply for sales permission in export destination countries.

Please feel free to make an inquiry.
Our specialist staff will provide careful guidance.

Applications and inquiries

Please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.
Our specialist staff will provide careful advice.

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